Can I seek support to areas that are not among the defined programme areas?

Yes.  You can also individually seek support to activities that are not covered by our main programme areas (ENDEAVOUR, HELPING HAND, RIVER, and MOUNTAIN).  Your application will be assessed.  As a matter of priority, CEF shall accept applications that fall within our main programme areas which are available here.  Kindly take into consideration that we need some time to decide on your application.

I would like to support meaningful non-profit activities.  Why should I do so via CEF?

Support via CEF enables you to better monitor the effect of your support and to keep an eye on proper use of funds.  Management of the foundation funds is audited by an independent auditor.  It helps us distribute your support to end-users over a longer time period, whilst the funds which you donated to non-profit activities do not lose any value.  We build on mutual trust, thorough understanding of the context which we support and where we operate, as well as on close personal contacts with people in the field.  Such background enables us, together with you, to direct your support and include it in the wider context of systematic long-term effort in a given area.

I want to become CEF partner in order to support one of its specific programmes and/or projects.  Is CEF open to such partnership?  Can I choose a concrete programme and/or project which I wish to support?

We welcome any new partnership and support that help us better fulfil the objectives of the individual programme areas and projects.  An effective support may also take a different form than financial. Every donor/sponsor may chose a specific programme or project they wish to support, as well as a specific form of support.

Can I support the CEF if I am interested in launching a new programme area and/or project, and ask CEF to implement it?

We respect trust and are open to requirements for new programmes and projects, which you may ask us to administer.  Personal consultation will be best to discuss this further.

Is CEF a corporate foundation of Slovnaft?

No.  Slovaft is a partner to CEF.  We value the long-term support that Slovnaft has been giving us.  The partnership with Slovnaft is no barrier to partnerships with other donors and sponsors.  We welcome new partnerships and challenges.

Why does CEF carry out its own activities?  Is it not its job to support projects developed by others?  

We are primarily a grant-giving foundation that focuses on supporting others.  We provide support through our schemes, grant calls and on the basis of individual applications.  At the same time we carry out our own projects, normally in partnership, that fall within our main programme areas.  Implementation of such flagship projects enables us to better meet our long-term objectives: to develop new partnerships, acquire better awareness of the context to which we channel our support, to meet invaluable people and raise further funds to carry out non-profit activities.