Szilvia Czuczor

Executive Director

“From the outset I have been following the work of the Foundation, the activities of which have been very close to me.  I am delighted to have joined its team and thus to keep contributing to its objectives.” 

Juraj Čorba

Program & Strategic Partnership Development, Public Relations

“Many ask whether it exists at all.  Yet only a few deny its actual wealth.  Central Europe is a world of paradoxes and hidden potential.”

Juraj Tedla

Program Manager

Development of Carpathian Oddysey Project

“It is good to be in a context that contains values – be it mountains, Central Europe, or the people around our Foundation.”

Štefánia Košková

External Associate

Project Envoy and Executive Producer

Julia Itin

External Associate

Project Envoy for ZOOM and ATTR→ACT
Associate Producer for WeFour+


“It’s an exciting everyday adventure to bring together, what belongs together – Central Europe.”

Barbora Šajgalíková

External Associate

Danubian Fund project coordinator

“Man sagt, die Hölle sei die Abwesenheit der Vernuft, doch in Wahrheit bedeutet sie den Anbeginn der Wiederholung und Gleichgültigkeit”
Michael Stavaric

Branislav Machala

External Associate

Project Envoy for Living Danube

“Where there is much light, the shadow is deep.”​​
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Svetlana Waradzinová

External Associate

Projektu ATTR←ACT
Artistic concept

Libuša Juzová

External Associate

Financial Management