The third episode of Visegrad talk show on international cooperation

The third episode brings together guests talking about their experience with international and crossborder cooperation. The discussion participants come from different geographical settings and they are innovators in activities just as varied, be it alternative theatre group, art gallery connecting young visual artists or community of women with passion for new technologies. New episode can be watched on...

The second episode of We Four+ talk show opens topic of “Home”

In the second installment of web talk show series guests talk about what makes them feel at home. Four debating participants from the Visegrad countries hosted by a Viennese moderator present their private stories and experiences which shape their view on home and belonging. The discussion can be watched as an online stream on...

The first episode of new internet talk show We Four+ has been launched

A new “neighborhood talk” format features guests from four countries of the Visegrad Group and along with host from Vienna, who are discussing the topic of life choices. In an informal talk show guests through their own inspiring stories and opinions bring innovative view of the Central European region. Talk show can is avalaible as an online stream at An invitation to watch the web series written by Štefánia Košková, executive producer of the project, is released in the renowned Central European magazine Visegrad Insight and you can read it online here. The press release to the launch of the first episode can be seen...


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