Erika Csekes


“Truth and love might not win over lie and hatred, but the two virtues have to be kept on alert.  Else we might find ourselves in a world left nothing but with lie and hatred.  We cannot afford that, can we?”

Oszkár Világi


“When we decided to establish the Foundation, we lived in a world of dreams.  We dreamt of the Central European Foundation that would be the bearer of concrete values of Central Europe such as humour, solidarity, diversity of cultures and, at the same time, openness to cultures of other nations.  We thought that we would be many to join the project. We live the reality of daily life when material values here in Central Europe erased the non-material ones.  People seem to have closed themselves within.  The search for common values that would bridge the emerging gaps no longer seems to matter to most people around. Despite the grey context of the day it is worth suggesting that the Central European Foundation has been here for twenty years.  In that time it supported hundreds of fruitful projects.  It has never resigned on the idea to protect and nurture the values of Central Europe and civil society.  It is the very reason why we ought to be jubilant when marking the 20th anniversary of the Foundation establishment.“

Bruno Marie-Edmond Duthoit


“When I was young, Central Europe was for me always a magic part of Europe, attractive and a bit inaccessible. Political changes 25 years ago brought democracy and released incredible energy in all domains particularly in social life, economy and culture. And today this part of Europe is no more inaccessible and is the driving force of our old continent.”

Financial supervision

Lýdia Priklerová