Creative ideas for fostering cultural heritage

There is a plethora of interesting cultural heritage sites and phenomena in Slovakia and in Central Europe in general.  Many of them are not very visible, cloaked in secrecy, and all the more precious.  Some of them have been left behind by people, others by nature itself.

We support creative artistic activities, which reveal, preserve and, above all, develop this cultural heritage. Activities that can bring us something new.  We support art that communicates with people of today, while sensitively taking into account the broader context and without losing its essence. Examples of projects supported under the Upgrade program can be found here. Projects implemented by the foundation in partnership with others can be found here.


Dialogue, partnership and sharing interests across borders

The position, influence and good name of a country is not only the result of politicians’ decisions. A country is viable when both its relations with its neighbors and with the world at large are supported by a network of authentic interpersonal relationships and contacts. This is also true when the country is part of a region, which is capable of generating interest and attracting the attention of the broader global environment.

We care about communication and good relations across borders.  We care about people who know, thanks to their abilities and experience, how to connect and inspire. We support projects that help our country and the Central European region to be more and more visible, important and internally strong.


A river is a phenomenon, a river is life A river attracts.  It flows through valleys and lowlands and thus connects territories and societies of people living along it. It can also divide. Administrative obstacles and barriers in our heads can deny the river its natural magic and potential. We search for subtle solutions, which bring more life to the riverbanks and water.

We connect people who know the potential of flowing water for staging various fantastic activities, but who are also determined to preserve what needs to be protected.  And those who understand that meaningful action requires cooperation and openness.

Above all, we support projects focused on the Danube basin, which covers almost all of Slovakia and connects Central Europe.


The fate of mountains as the fate of man

Mountains are a memento. They embody the ancient life of the planet from a time when people did not yet exist. Today as well, in times of climate change and extensive use of natural resources, mountains force us to pose various questions.  They urge us to examine our deeds through the lens of time and space, which reach beyond our lives.

The Carpathian Mountains comprise the majority of Slovak territory and run through other countries, which lie along this extraordinary mountain range.  We help projects that enable communities at the foot of the Carpathians to better face their life challenges by doing it in harmony with the mountains and their hidden power.  We search for new opportunities to contribute so that people in cities, valleys and lowlands can better understand both the lives of those living in the mountains and the meaning of the mountains for the broader surroundings.