UPGRADE program priority

ATTR←ACT (in preparation)

Bringing art and artists to unique locations to rejuvenate multifaceted cultural values and to give recognition to valuable local initiatives taking care of those.

More info in the leaflet.

Project envoy: Julia Itin
Artistic concept: Svetlana Waradzinová

ZOOM (in preparation)

Architects proposing sensitive landscape, infrastructural and other solutions for the benefit of outstanding natural and cultural sites.

Project envoy: Julia Itin

OUTREACH program priority

Talk show We Four+

(in the framework of project CEElift)

Pioneering format of an international internet talk show, a frank neighbourhood talk between Czechs, Hungarians, Poles and Slovaks. Hosted by a Viennese.

We Four+ is an innovative project that can probably best be placed somewhere at the intersection of new media, public diplomacy and nation/region branding and group therapy. It is the neighbourhood talk you will want to eavesdrop on.
The talk show is created for a demanding audience that is looking for more than the conventional presentations of the four countries making up the Visegrad Four and the countries of wider Central and Eastern Europe. We bring rich, complex stories of interesting people who live here – stories that mix history, politics, travel tips, policy recommendations, philosophical musings and humour to give you a taste and feel of the neighbourhood.
We Four+ is a nod to the V4 – Visegrad Four adding a human (we) and inclusive (+) spin on the concept created in 1991 as a foreign policy and regional cooperation initiative. The „we four“ in the title signifies four guests from four different countries talking about their personal challenges, victories and failures, stories that will at times be typical and at times unique and extraordinary and that together will create a life like picture of this diverse and dynamic part of the world. The plus is for voices from elsewhere and broader perspectives that the talk show will include.


Project leader/developer: Štefánia Košková

RIVER program priority


Valuable interventions and solutions along the banks of the Danube river, for the benefit of wider public. Urbanists, architects, communication experts, environmentalists and city activists putting their brains and gustoes together.


Project coordinator: Barbora Šajgalíková

Cooperation on project development: Branislav Machala

MOUNTAIN program priority

CARPATHIAN ODYSSEY (in preparation)

A multi-genre artistic expedition bringing an unbiased fresh look at the state of the Carpathians and the views and plans of those who shape and decide about mountains´ future.